Client Testimonials

Our goal is to provide not just relief for your body, but to help you understand how to use your mind to enhance your life. What you resist will persist, what you acknowledge you can change.


• “My mind and my body were on the brink of disaster. I had allowed Corporate America to push me into a second battle with cancer, anxiety attacks, bouts of insomnia, weight gain and depression.
Seeking mental relaxation and physical relief, I turned to Billy.
Billy taught me how to reduce my anxiety, manage my stress and understand the total mind/body connection and the power we all hold within us to lead healthier lives.
Together, we began a journey that led to Billy teaching me self hypnosis skills and mind / body healing techniques.Thanks to Billy, my cancer scans are stable, I’m healthier, happier and have a truly balanced life both personally and professionally.”
– Sharon C. Plano, TX


• ” Where to begin…I had been to several massage therapist in the past, before I met Mr. Kelley. I had been seeking the perfect one for me and I finally found him. I knew from the first massage that my hunt was over and there was no need to search any further. He was like working with a fine Dr. that was extremely skilled at his craft. Knowing just the right amount of pressure in all the right areas. He has the knowledge and passion to make you feel comfortable and wonderful by the time your session is over. I truly believe he is the best and would highly recommend him for any therapeutic massage needs.
– Suzanne B. McKinney, TX


• “(my daughter) went on her first road race of the season this past weekend. First day she placed 17th out of 48 with a mechanically issue on her bike. Her derailer was stuck and it wouldn’t let her change to the big chain ring on her bike. This made it very difficult to sprint for the finish line. At 500 meters out she was lead out sprinter….. On the second day of racing with a fixed bike she finished 4th – 2 seconds from leader. WE HAVE TURNED A CORNER… and I can’t help to think that you had a part in it.”
Just wanted to say thank you.
– Lura P. Plano, TX


• “The childbirth techniques I learned taught me to stay calm even during the most intense contractions. I used the strategies with my second baby and it made the time leading up to delivery much smoother than my first baby. Although the pain is still present, I was more relaxed. I tried focusing more on visualizations and counting rather than on the pain I had so feared with childbirth.”
– Amy M. Rockwall, Tx


• “Billy changed my life. I contacted him after feeling defeated by traditional health care. I started experiencing stomach pain and had gone to see my primary care physician for answers. After several different types of medication, a referral to a Gastroenterologist (stomach specialist), a stomach scope, and more medication, my stomach issues continued to get worse rather than better. The Gastroenterologist said that my stomach was producing too much acid and that we would just keep trying different combinations of medication until we found something that worked. When my suggestion for finding out what was causing the problem rather than just treating the symptoms was dismissed, I knew I had to take my health into my own hands. I started doing research and found that stress can send your body into a permanent state of “fight or flight” and the extra adrenaline produced by this response can cause a variety of symptoms (most of which I was experiencing) including excess stomach acid. After unsuccessfully trying to deal with the stress on my own, I decided to contact Billy. He explained that hypnotherapy would help me learn how to retrain my brain’s approach to dealing with stress. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, but I was willing to try just about anything to get relief from my stress and ultimately my stomach pain. I met with Billy for hypnotherapy twice and was amazed with the results. The thing that I loved the most (besides the fact that my symptoms disappeared) is that Billy taught me techniques to help myself. Now, when I feel like the stress in my life is out of control, I can start to fight it before it starts producing symptoms! I still experience stomach problems if I don’t take a proactive approach to stress, however thanks to Billy, I can now heal the problem rather than having to rely on medication to treat the symptoms! Billy restored my control over my mind and body! “
– Amy T. McKinney, TX


• “I went to Billy when I was pregnant to learn some pain management techniques for my upcoming labor. Billy’s “bedside manner” is very friendly and calming and felt very comfortable during the session. While I was pregnant, I practiced the relaxation techniques that I learned from Billy and they were a godsend during the labor and natural birth of my son. I still use the techniques whenever I am undergoing stress or having trouble falling asleep.”
– Jodi W. McKinney, TX


• “I am in my fifties and have a history of Test Anxiety since High School. In taking tests at high school I had to take a Rolaids sometimes as my tummy would hurt, as an adult I would all of a sudden forget anything I knew about the subject, break out in a sweat and usually bomb the test- if you asked me anything about that topic it was amazing how much I could tell you, but still I would not do too hot on the test.
After seeing and speaking to Billy several times we talked about why I would think I didn’t know the topic, tips to calm down and remember that I do know what I am doing and how to enjoy the test process. I have done so much better with the exception of one time-I hurried into the test didn’t relax and you guessed it, scored lower (but still passed!)
I recommend seeing Billy for any issues you might have regarding anxiety, insomnia , stress, or whatever has caused uncertainty in your life; as I have seen with my own eyes the change from some of the Client’s he has helped.
Good Luck you are on the way to being better!”
– Barb H. Plano, TX